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Online MS in Business Analytics

Become a data-driven leader in as little as one year. You can enter this 100% online degree with any undergraduate major. There’s no application fee, and scholarships are available.

  • Online
  • On Your Schedule
  • 12-24 Months

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Online MS in Business Analytics

Become a data-driven leader in as little as one year. You can enter this 100% online degree with any undergraduate major. There’s no application fee, and scholarships are available.

  • Online
  • On Your Schedule
  • 12-24 Months

All Backgrounds

Enter from any undergraduate major

Christian Environment

Ethical uses of data and analytics

100% online format

R1 instruction

Impactful Capstone

Work with major companies

Engage in experiential learning as you work through real-world case studies using actual corporate datasets to hone your skills.

Companies Desperately Need Data-Driven Leaders

More than 113k new openings projected by 2032

This job market is exploding—and it has been for some time now. Capitalize on this opportunity with a powerful degree from a prestigious institution. Become a data-driven leader with Baylor’s MS in Business Analytics online program.


National increase in business analytics occupations for graduate degree holders, from 2012 to 2022


Multiplier for the national projected percent change in growth of occupations for business analytics (17%) versus all occupations (5%), from 2022 to 2032

Program Details

Admissions & Application Process

Here’s what you’ll need to apply for the Baylor MSBA online program:

  • Completed application, available online now.
  • Undergraduate transcript. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the U.S. or proof of equivalent training at a foreign university is required.
  • Current resume indicating professional work experience, including start and end dates (month and year) for each position held.
  • Two letters of recommendation from employers or superiors who can attest to your talents, professional skills, work accomplishments and qualifications for the Baylor MSBA online program.

There is no application fee for the MSBA online program.


Prerequisites for admission include:

  • Introduction to Python Programming (an informal online course can meet this requirement, and several options are available)
  • Minimum 3 hours of statistics or QBA

International Students

All foreign national applicants are required to provide a score from the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic test. Minimum scores are required.


See below for descriptions of courses currently offered on-campus and online.

  • STA 5300 Statistical Methods
    Introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics may be selected from the following: descriptive statistics and graphs, probability, regression, correlation, tests of hypotheses, interval estimation, measurement, reliability, experimental design, analysis of variance, nonparametric methods, and multivariate methods.
  • STA 5303 Regression
    Pre-requisite(s): STA 5300. Regression modeling, estimation, and diagnostics with emphasis on applications. Topics include simple linear regression, multiple regression, logistic regression, and Poisson regression. The statistical programming language R is used.
  • STA 5362 Time Series Analysis
    Statistical methods for analyzing time series. Topics include autocorrelation function and spectrum, stationary and non-stationary time series, linear filtering, trend elimination, forecasting, general models, and autoregressive integrated moving average models with applications in economics and engineering.
  • STA 5373 Computational Methods
    Pre-requisite(s): STA 5300. Introduction to programming in R and data science methods and techniques using R. Focus will be on current R packages and will emphasize data management and visualization along with report writing. Relevant business cases will be considered.
  • STA 5384 Multivariate Statistical Methods
    Pre-requisite(s): STA 5300: This course will focus on summarizing multivariate data both graphically and numerically. Topics include principal components analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, and other machine learning topics as time allows.
  • MIS 5322 Advanced Python for Analytics
    Study of advanced topics in the Python programming language. Focus is on data analytics and data science. Main topics include data visualization, array processing, data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and web application development. Projects cover game development using PyGame and web app development using Django.
  • MIS 5342 Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence (BI) is the discovery of patterns and relationships hidden in large volumes of data. This hands-on course is designed to provide practical analytic skills that may be applied in almost any workplace. The course explores the analytical techniques for making intelligent business decisions in data-rich organizations. A key component of the course is the use of BI software tools with techniques such as correlation analysis, data visualization, linear regression, classification, and clustering to address common problems in marketing, customer relationship management, risk management, finance, and operations.
  • MIS 5343 Seminar in Data Visualization
    Covers basic theories of cognition and data visualization, including how data types influence the decision to use a particular representation, when to use various chart types, how to structure data visualizations, and visualization evaluation. Emphasis on ethical use of visualizations.
  • MIS 5390 Ethics in Business Analytics
    Ethical decision-making in data analytics and contemporary issues. Topics include ethics theory, American Statistical Association Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice, ethics issues in statistical analyses and presentation of data, ethical consideration in the information age, and data ethics in contemporary issues.

Upcoming courses not yet in the Graduate Course Catalog:

  • STA 5V85 Practicum: Capstone in analytics. Students will be combined into teams and will work together on
    solving a real life problem using techniques and tools from other courses in the program.
  • MIS 53XX Cloud Computing
  • MIS 53XX Database Technologies for Analytics

Employment Outcomes

Earning your MS in Business Analytics opens doors to several in-demand opportunities. In fact, in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of the fastest growing occupations for 2021-31, the top 10 includes data scientists and statisticians—two potential careers for MSBA graduates.

Every industry needs data-driven leaders. That’s also true for core business function areas, such as marketing, research, finance, project management, and business development, which take place across different industries and sectors.

Consider the possibilities as you think about your career goals and where you want to be.

Common Individual Contributor Titles

Application architect

Business systems analyst

Business intelligence developer

Data analyst

Data architect

Data engineer

Data scientist

Market research analyst


Common Leadership Titles

Business development manager

Chief data officer

Chief technology officer

Director of research

Management analyst

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